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Mike Tedesco

Mike Tedesco SpokanePlanner
Little angel, Mike Tedesco.

Tedesco’s career is best defined as disruptive. Often finding himself as an insurgent in entrenched business and political dynamics, Tedesco has been on the leading edge of both epic change and colossal failures, such as the time he tried to take over the City of Spokane’s parking system (a-la Donald Shoup) and lost.¬†Or the two terrible books about Urban Planning that he published, one of which is still found in college curricula throughout the country corrupting young minds, God help ’em.

On the upside, Tedesco writes a great local blog called SpokanePlanner, and he’s been a driving force behind numerous significant economic development and urban revitalization efforts throughout his career. Tedesco presently works as the Executive Director for the Spokane Tribe of Indians whereby he successfully wrote a Promise Zone plan approved by the White House (one of only 22 in the nation), and he’s helping the Spokane Tribe underwrite and construct all manner of things, not the least of which being a big casino-resort.

Tedesco’s passion is economic development. In his 15-year career since graduating with a master’s degree in Urban Planning, Tedesco has directly administered about $400,000,000 in projects. He’s never heard a good idea he didn’t like.