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Mike Tedesco

Mike Tedesco, 1978
Little angel, Mike Tedesco.

Tedesco’s short career has been punctuated by agitating the status quo and picking fights he generally can’t win, such as the time he tried to take over the City of Spokane’s parking system (a-la Donald Shoup) — “Downtown business group fires president“. But for a couple of influential personalities, downtown Spokane’s business improvement district would now be in the parking business.

Or that other time when he ran for Liberty Lake City Council on an anti-suburbanization platform (and lost) — “Candidates work to make case to voters“. Liberty Lake is one of the most suburban municipalities in the region.

On the upside, he’s only been sacked once, and he’s been a driving force behind numerous significant economic development and urban revitalization projects (Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority). He presently works as the Planning and Economic Development Director for the Spokane Tribe of Indians whereby he successfully wrote a Promise Zone plan approved by the White House (one of only 22 in the nation), and he’s helping the Tribe build all manner of things, not the least of which being a big casino-resort.

In his 12-year career, Tedesco has directly administered about $400,000,000 in projects, which divides out to roughly $33 million per year (a number he intends to increase).

Tedesco’s one true professional love is economic development, like the cutting edge best practices stuff. He’s never heard a good idea he didn’t like. Mike Tedesco does economic development by day, professionally. By night, he also writes about it via this blog. As you’ll discover if you peruse the home page, there’s an awful lot to write about.