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Mike Tedesco

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Little angel, Mike Tedesco.


Four hundred million.

That’s about how much investment Mike Tedesco has directly stimulated during his short career as an economic developer. He’s made numerous public and private entities a bundle of money by leveraging just about every economic development tool in the book. Tedesco has sat around municipal bond closing room tables and witnessed the disbursement of millions of dollars circulate around it. He’s closed New Market Tax Credit deals, he closed TIF deals, he’s closed public transactions, he’s closed public/private transactions, and he’s closed tribal transactions. He’s closed deals to create primary jobs, he’s closed deals to revitalize downtowns. He’s influenced the White House by successfully writing a Promise Zone plan, he’s walked about every federal hallway in Washington, DC, and he presently helps build economic sovereignty for the Spokane Tribe of Indians.

Four hundred million. Tedesco is 40 years old and graduated with a master’s in Urban Planning when he was 26, which averages to about $29-million per year in successfully administered economic development projects.

Four hundred million. A number Tedesco intends to grow.