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Park Lodge Restaurant Review

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Park Lodge Restaurant
411 N Nettleton St, Spokane, WA 99201
Reservations accepted: (509) 340-9347

Price: $$$$$
Food Quality:
Date Night:
Family Night: ★★☆☆☆
Casual Cocktails: ★★★★★
Business Cocktails: ★★★★★
Business Dinner: ★★★★★
Coco Chanel: ★★★★★
Hipster Commune:
Pair A Nice Red With That:
Perfect Tawny Finish: 

Open Fire Cooking at the Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
See that? That’s my steak cooking in the back. Park Lodge Restaurant is the only one in Spokane that cooks everything on an open fire grill.

Positives: Park Lodge Restaurant nails it at multiple levels. Being a new destination in the market, if you haven’t eaten their yet, it’s time to call and make a reservation. Entrees hover around $35 and the food quality is spectacular. The open fire grill was a genius decision that sets the Park Lodge apart from Spokane’s competitive fine dining scene.

The Park Lodge Restaurant is the perfect place to host a business dinner or a bring a date.

Apple Celery Soup Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
Meet the Apple Celery Soup that the Park Lodge pours fresh when you’re ready.

Negatives: The wine selection is good but pricey.

Muscovy Duck Breast Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
That’s the Muscovy Duck Breast. Pair something nice with it.

Recommendation: Host a business dinner or bring a date to the Park Lodge Restaurant. The food rests on the staples yet is creatively prepared.