Spokane's Best Real Estate Agent

Spokane’s Best Real Estate Agent

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Selecting a real estate agent to receive our sole endorsement is a responsibility SpokanePlanner does not take lightly. Who’s going to navigate you through a residential or commercial real estate transaction within metro Spokane? Who’s going to help build your dream of owning property or running a business? Meet your guide, Ryann Louie – Spokane’s most multi-talented real estate agent.

No one knows Spokane’s diverse neighborhoods like Ryann Louie. They know all the most interesting emerging neighborhoods and how you can engage in those communities to feel right at home.

Ryann knows local business owners, Spokane’s historic neighborhoods, and things you didn’t even think existed within our city. Most important, Ryann Louie is connected with regional decision makers through their extensive civic engagement and knows where the city is aiming investments to make Spokane’s neighborhoods even better.

Ryann is also a well-respected leader on the cultural side. They’re a Strengthening member of Spokane’s only quadruple bottom line, non-profit business and consumer association, the Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance. Ryann has a degree in architecture (which comes in handy when touring properties) and an eye for all things design (advantageous when marketing your properties). They live in one of Spokane’s hippest neighborhoods and is a part of their neighborhood association – South Perry. They #reimagineSpokane being scattered with thriving, locally-owned, independent businesses and neighborhoods where residents are immersed with the place they love to live.

As a So-Cal native and regular traveler, Ryann has an eye for the city that locals don’t. They have never felt more at home and inspired than when being in Spokane. Ryann’s fresh perspective coupled with their passion and intimate knowledge of the metro equate to valuable expert insight.

If you’re looking to buy, sell, or lease residential or commercial real estate in metro Spokane, we give our highest recommendation to Ryann Louie. Here’s their contact information and website.

Call, text, or email Ryann anytime. You’ll be glad you did!


Windermere Manito, LLC. // Commercial & Residential Real Estate

RËL Spokane // Design & Community Building

ryann@relspokane.com // 310 634 4189

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