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Corbin Park Neighborhood Spokane

#13 Corbin Park Neighborhood

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods – Hipster Rating (out of 10): 4 Predominant Housing Prices: Ownership: About $325,000 Rentals: About $1,200 Housing Density: Low, mostly single family Mixed Use Rating: Fair with walkable access to strip malls on Division Street Corbin Park Neighborhood Description Many characterize the Corbin Park Neighborhood as an island surrounded by a sea of inner city decay. In this writer’s opinion, such statements are exaggerated. Located on Spokane’s north side, at the foot of the North Hill – an incline that separates the uppers reaches of the north side from the lower reaches nearer to downtown – most of […]

Corbin Park Spokane

#10 Corbin Park

Spokane’s Best Parks – Corbin Park is a former horse-racing oval that now offers a green oasis on the lower north side of Spokane. How cool is Corbin Park? The park was designed in 1916 by the Olmsted brothers whose father, not coincidentally, designed Central Park in New York City. Renowned park planners in their own right, parks throughout the City of Spokane were influenced by their wisdom, and Corbin demonstrates some of their hallmark planning techniques by creating different spaces in different places. Despite being a flat, nearly perfect oval, as you meander from one side of Corbin Park […]