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Moving to Spokane

Moving to Spokane

Spokane Relocation Guide Here’s all you need to know about moving to Spokane. If you’re still considering relocating to Spokane and feel undecided, then check this post out: 12 Reasons to Relocate to Spokane.   1) The white trash era is over. Spokane has long held the reputation of being a grey, downtrodden community surrounded by  Aryan Nation brotherhoods and backwoods hillbillies. Good news is we’ve scoured much of the Aryan nonsense out of the region. As far as hillbillies go, we’re still surrounded by them but they’re actually a lot of fun. Just ignore their conversations about government, con-trails, and […]

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12 Reasons to Relocate to Spokane

1) Our Downtown is Dope Spokane’s downtown is amongst the healthiest in the nation. It’s not a neglected urban environment of surface parking lots surrounded by tattoo parlors and check cashing services. Nah, we’re better than that, and it’s why many new-comers decided to relocate to Spokane. Downtown has the big companies you want like Apple and Nordstrom but also plenty of mom-and-pops thriving in an active, walkable, mixed-use, and dynamic urban environment.   2) This House Cost $180,000 Yep, $180,000. Three beds, two baths — how much is a home like this in your market? Although much depends on […]

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#15 High Drive Neighborhood

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods – Hipster Rating (out of 10): 1 Predominant Housing Prices:  Ownership: $600,000+ Rental: Very little, if any, rental options. Housing Density: Large single family residences, many of which are large enough to be characterized as estates. Mixed Use Rating: Poor   High Drive Neighborhood Description High Drive is one of Spokane’s premier neighborhoods. If you’re into status symbols, then you’re gonna’ love High Drive. High Drive ranks low on this list for a variety of reasons that are described in detail below. Keep in mind, however, that this blog is written by an urban planner who values characteristics of traditional, […]

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#10 Indian Canyon

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods — Hipster Rating (out of 10): 5 Predominant Housing Prices: Ownership: Around $220,000 but with much variance Rental: Around $1,000 Housing Density: Mostly single family in the lower reaches and mostly multi family in the upper reaches. Mixed Use Rating: Fair, due an abundance of recreational amenities.   Indian Canyon Neighborhood Description Indian Canyon brims with recreational amenities. If you like biking, hiking, or strolls with your dog in some of the best natural areas within Spokane, Indian Canyon Neighborhood abides. Only a couple short minutes from downtown, your commute is quick to Spokane’s urban amenities. Indian Canyon takes […]

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Metro Spokane’s Economic Development Toolbox

Don’t look now, but there are entities and jurisdictions within our fine metro working some economic development magic by leveraging real tools that attract real investment. It’s amazing how much can get done with market-driven revenue streams and public-driven economic development tools. What follows are metro Spokane’s most significant drivers of economic development.   1) Spokane City Council Whether you like it or not, Spokane City Council sets the tone for the metro. Urban policies start and end with our central city. Our suburbs will do what they will but, make no mistake, Spokane City Council is obligated to its […]

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Insurgents and Disruption

There are 287 start-up accelerators in Silicon Valley. I just spent two days at one of the first of them, Plug and Play, whereby the likes of Google and PayPal were launched. If you’re curious about the leading edge of any given market sector, spend a couple days at Plug and Play watching three-minute start-up presentations. Silicon Valley deploys a unique language to describe innovative market opportunities. Words like insurgents, incumbents, platforms, space, ecosystem, acceleration, disruption – this is the lingo used by innovators and those who venture-fund them. Through the lens of Spokane’s economic development system, the words above […]

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How to Attract Tech Firms to Spokane

Spokane is on the cusp of tapping into deep pools of investment driven primarily by the tech sector and all its tributaries. Based primarily on our proximity to the coast’s big metro tech hubs (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco), our affordable real estate, and our quality of life, the feeling is Spokane is poised to accept a wave of tech investments as well as all those tech refugees that come with them. Trouble is no one from Spokane’s public sector is actively engaged and working to attract all that money and talent restlessly sitting over on the coast. It’s time […]

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