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Shadle Park Water Tower Spokane

Ranking All Spokane Neighborhoods

Welcome to the most comprehensive ranking of Spokane neighborhoods. City of Spokane law, via our charter, establishes official neighborhood councils for the purpose of advising the city council and mayor. By virtue of city law, officials must define where neighborhoods are in Spokane and create boundaries and place names for them – a fascinating and fun exercise. Spokane formally has 29 official neighborhood designations. While many of the neighborhoods and their boundaries are accurate (at least from SpokanePlanner’s perspective), there are numerous official neighborhood boundaries that are either too broad, too influenced by irrational politics, or are not geographically accurate. […]

Riverside Avenue, Spokane

Ingredients That Create the Best Neighborhoods

What Makes the Best Neighborhoods? Like all cities, Spokane has a variety of neighborhoods with varying degrees of magnetism. Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods, like all the Best Neighborhoods, share the same critical elements. This article will identify and define them (in no particular order). An Identifiable Center Individual neighborhoods are like small towns within your city. Like all traditional small towns, there is a center. A common occurrence within larger cities is a classic “Main Street” environment that anchor older neighborhoods. In most cases these little Main Streets developed as separate towns until their mother city grew and enveloped them. In […]