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The View from High Drive Spokane

#15 High Drive Neighborhood

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods – Hipster Rating (out of 10): 1 Predominant Housing Prices:  Ownership: $900,000 Rental: Very little, if any, rental options. Housing Density: Large single family residences, many of which are large enough to be characterized as estates. Mixed Use Rating: Poor High Drive Neighborhood Description High Drive is one of Spokane’s premier neighborhoods. If you’re into status symbols, you’re gonna’ love High Drive. High Drive ranks low on this list for a variety of reasons that are described in detail below. Keep in mind, however, that this blog is written by an urban planner who values characteristics of traditional, walkable neighborhoods. […]

Olmsted Pocket Parks

#2 The South Hill

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods – Hipster Rating (out of 10): 5 Predominant Housing Prices: Ownership: Around $300,000 but with much variance Rentals: Around $1,000 but with much variance Housing Density: Low Mixed Use Rating: Fair South Hill Neighborhood Description How does one define and organize the South Hill into a neighborhood? For those familiar with the area, they will be the first to tell you that the South Hill is a collective of neighborhoods with different neighborhood centers, architectural styles, development eras, walkability, and boundaries. For the purposes of ranking Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods, how does one choose between the neighborhoods surrounding Manito […]