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Perry Street Spokane

#5 South Perry Neighborhood

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods – Hipster Rating (out of 10): 10 Predominant Housing Prices: Ownership: Around $225,000 Rentals: Around $1,000 Housing Density: Moderate Mixed Use Rating: Good   South Perry Neighborhood Description It wasn’t too long ago when the South Perry Neighborhood had a less than desirable reputation. Growing up the neighborhood, I would routinely ride my bike to the old Altamont Pharmacy and buy penny candy. The trip, however, involved navigating Grant Park unscathed. As a fourth-grader with low blood sugar I was willing to take the risk. To say the least, unsavory characters enjoyed loitering around Grant Park – nothing gets […]

Tedesco kids Paul, Mike, and Kristin circa 1982

What is Gentrification?

I was born in West Central, on Broadway – the heart and soul of Felony Flats – in half a shanty with three older brothers and not much more than a black and white TV to entertain us. About my only memories of the neighborhood are walking with my Dad – a true-blue Sicilian – so he could buy smokes at the nearest corner store. When I was five, we moved to 9th and Sherman, right across the street from the old Martin Luther King Center. By this time, my Italian Stallion father now had five kids but only two […]

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