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University District Spokane

#9 University District

Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods – Hipster Rating (out of 10): 9 Predominant Housing Prices: Ownership: About $250,000 Rentals: About $900 Housing Density: Moderate in most places Mixed Use Rating: Good University District Neighborhood Description The University District is a relatively new phenomenon within Spokane. When Gonzaga University gained national notoriety in the late 1990s, enrollment skyrocketed. Once a small school with about 4,000 students, Gonzaga is now well over 10,000. Growth was so fast and furious for a few years, administrators have consciously decided to slow the enrollment rate to better allow for managed growth. In the meantime, Washington State University […]

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Spokane’s Economic Development Environment

Spokane Economic Development — Spokane’s economic development environment is elusive to articulate. Who, in fact, is in charge of it? If a tech firm wants to build their headquarters downtown, who should they talk to first? How about primary jobs, who signs the check providing incentives for those projects? Quality of life, urban infill, beautification, the arts (yeah, that’s economic development, too), what mechanisms fund those initiatives? Saturated with many actors, from the State of Washington all the way down to local non-profits, ask the folks who play in this arena and even they will have a hard time providing […]