North Monroe Spokane Construction

A Good Waste of Tax Money

The guy who owns Skippers must be very persuasive because Mayor Condon and City Administrator Theresa Sanders are buckling to his irrational will, and it’s going to cost us about $500k. I wonder, how many potholes can we fill for $500k? How many new cops can we hire for $500k? How many property crimes can we investigate for $500k? How many, how many?

Condon and Sanders ought to put the guy who owns Skippers on the City’s payroll, because he’s the expert, right? The most troubling part is the guy who owns Skippers is as qualified to make knowledgeable decisions about the future of our City as Condon and Sanders are.

The Mayor’s office is about to spend upwards of $500k for a “pilot” project to re-stripe Monroe Street between about Northwest Boulevard and Garland to test traffic flow because the guy who owns Skippers is complaining about the City’s projected $7 million investment to improve and beautify the same stretch.

I love how they call it a “pilot,” like this sort of beautification has never happened before in the history of time, like there are no other examples that we can turn to for guidance and metrics, like the Mayor’s office is being innovative.

Instead of wasting $500k, here’s the pilot project I recommend: stop taking advice about how to build cities from the guy who owns Skippers!

Either have the guts to do the project, or have the guts to spike it. Wasting $500k because the guy who owns Skippers is complaining isn’t leadership, it isn’t a compromise, it isn’t a pilot, it isn’t innovative. It is, in fact, the opposite of all those things. Most of all, it’s irresponsible.

If the guy who owns Skippers doesn’t want $7 million to beautify that ugly street you see in the cover photo, then let’s find a street that does want it.