Spokane, WA 99201

Proper Local Gossip

Item! Sources confirm Todd Mielke is a legitimate candidate for Spokane City Manager. Confidential sources have confirmed that their confidential sources state Todd Mielke, former Greater Spokane, Inc. (GSI) CEO, who was shown the door at GSI under mysterious circumstances, is Nadine Woodward’s top pick for City Manager.

Item! Todd Mielke’s resignation from GSI was a forced resignation, otherwise known as a termination. Reporters at this fine publication are still attempting to obtain rumored non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) between Mielke and GSI but because GSI is not a public entity, yet professes to speak for the public, we cannot obtain rumored NDAs because GSI and public sunshine are anathema.

Item! SpokanePlanner’s rippling pecs of steel shimmer on the beach in Monte Carlo.

Item! Spokane County considering pulling GSI’s associate development organization (ADO) designation and creating a new economic development entity. Spokane County Commissioner, Al French, is fishing for reasons to designate a new ADO within the county, hence castrating GSI. Veal is on the menu tonight!

Item! David Condon rumored front-runner for newly designated ADO within Spokane County. Outgoing mayor David Condon, who was just voted the 232,467 best looking person in Spokane by this fine publication, is the rumored front runner to transition Spokane’s economic development system into something functional. Can he do it? Stay tuned!

Item! It’s a merry-go-round of good ol’ boys in Spokane County. Spokane County residents are stunned after realizing individuals with little core expertise other than placating Spokane’s business elite are simply rotating around executive civic positions within the county, recycling the same stale ideas to the same people, echo chambers be damned. The dialectic continues!

Item! Downtown’s eligible bachelor population just doubled!

Item! Breean Beggs open city council seat up for grabs. If Beean Beggs wins City Council President, as polling trends indicate, his open city council position will be appointed by his fellow city council members with two years remaining on the term.

Item! Unconfirmed sources that are totally credible confirm Spokane city council majority appreciate rippling pecs of steel.

Item! If you’re not at the table where these conversations are taking place, than you’re on the menu!