Downtown Spokane Sunset

Spokane’s Most Photogenic Images

Capturing The Essence Of Urban Spokane —

These are the pictures that shape Spokane’s urban image, our best face.


The View from Cliff Drive

The View from Cliff Drive, Downtown Spokane
Just a few blocks south of downtown Spokane you’ll find the view from Cliff Drive. Probably Spokane’s most popular scene. March, 2015.


Gondolas from Post Street Bridge

Gondolas Beneath Monroe Street Bridge
This view looks downriver from atop Post Street Bridge adjacent to City Hall in downtown Spokane. Those gondolas make for a hell of a ride, particularly during spring run-off. That’s the Monroe Street Bridge framing the scene. May, 2011.


View of the Falls from Monroe Street Bridge

Spokane Falls March 2015
The view from atop the Monroe Street Bridge over the main drop of Spokane Falls. That’s the Post Street Bridge just above the falls. This photo was taken near peak run-off in March, 2015.


Another View of the Falls from Atop Monroe Street Bridge

Low Water Spokane Falls
As you can see, there’s a big difference in seasonal water flows for the Spokane River. This image was shot in June, 2016. That’s Huntington Park on the right. Those pedestrian archways on the Monroe Street Bridge are pretty dope. Not to mention, that octagon thing at the bottom of the frame is a mystery.


View of Downtown from Kendall Yards

Downtown Spokane Sunset
The view of downtown from across the Spokane River in Kendall Yards captures perfectly the beauty of the urban environment. Of course, sunset helps, too. April, 2016.


Clock Tower and Pavilion in Riverfront Park

Pavilion and Clock Tower, Spokane
The two most defining characteristics of Spokane’s skyline are captured in this image. The Clock Tower is still hand wound, and the Pavilion is actually an old tent frame from Expo 1974. This photo was taken in June, 2004.


Looking Down Post Street to River Park Square

Spokane Post Street and River Park Square
On most days, you’ll find lots of energy and activity in and around River Park Square. This view is north-bound up Post Street to the front door of the shopping area. July, 2016.


Descending Sunset Hill into Downtown

Spokane from Sunset Hill
Spokane’s urbanity slowly consumes travelers from the west as they descend Sunset Hill. July, 2016.