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Site selection, diligence, negotiating incentives, policy, entitlements, leasing, and strategic guidance.

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I’ve negotiated and closed roughly $472,000,000 in public/private partnerships over the course of my career in economic development.

Maxed out incentives. That’s the name of the game from the private sector’s perspective. I know how to structure incentive strewn public/private partnerships, model local and state tax exposure, write local policy to implement tools, and navigate local political environments. The best part is there’s no political environment I know better than Spokane’s. Time is money, and I know who you need to speak with to save you both.

You’ll also get my network. I’ve had beers with just about every elected official in town. I almost ran for mayor of Spokane (and likely will someday). I know all the local boards. I know all the local city council people. I know where significant public investments are going. I’m buddies with most every influential executive in town and, most importantly, I know the games our local public and civic organizations play and I know how to help you avoid them. 

Scroll through my economic development catagory on this website. At a minimum, you will find it chalk full of strategic information. Finally, for another fun work sample, here’s the Amazon HQ2 proposal I wrote and designed. (It’s a big download.)

If you’re looking to make a significant growth move in Spokane, there’s a lot of sizzle out there. SpokanePlanner is the steak.

Mike Tedesco Spokane
Mike Tedesco is SpokanePlanner. Not only does he know all the buttons to push, he also knows how to create buttons.