Spencer's Zabuton Cut

4 Best Restaurants in Spokane, 2020

Spokane Restaurants

The best restaurants in Spokane ranked on overall food quality and flavor.

#4: Clover Restaurant and Bar

Located in Spokane’s University District, Clover is the most affordable restaurant on the list. Happily, it also has the most creative menu.

Clover Restaurant Spokane
The view from the bar at Clover.

Clover Beef Wellington Spokane
Clover’s Beef Wellington.

#3 Park Lodge Restaurant

Located in Spokane’s West Central / Kendall Yards neighborhood, Park Lodge is a perfect blend of hipster creativity and traditionalism. The atmosphere is swank and the location is the best on this list of best restaurants in Spokane.

Spokane Restaurants
That big mask on the wall is there to greet you as you walk into the Park Lodge.

16 Oz New York Strip Steak Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
That’s the Park Lodge’s 16 Oz New York Strip Steak. Most entrees at Park Lodge are cooked over an open, wood-burning flame.

#2 Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops

Located in downtown Spokane, Spencer’s dark woods, dark wines, pricey menu, and a lot of old wealthy people = traditional steak joint. But worry not my millennial friends, because Spencer’s is well worth dropping $80 per entree and $15 drinks. Make sure you finish it all off with a 40 Year Graham’s.

Spencer's Restaurant Spokane
The view as you walk into Spencer’s. For us old souls, quiet, dimly-lit bars are the place to be seen.

Spencer's Zabuton Cut
That’s what about $80 looks like at Spencer’s.

#1 Churchill’s Steakhouse

Considering the stiff competition, it says a lot that Churchill’s is the best restaurant in Spokane. Located downtown, Churchill’s competes at a national level and what you get is a sample of perfection that can compete head-to-head with the most hoity-toity restaurants in the nation.

Steak Selection at Churchills Steakhouse
After you pick your cut at Churchill’s, they’ll cook it on a 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit grill. For comparison, iron starts to melt at 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit.

8 oz Filet Churchills Steakhouse
That’s Churchill’s peppercorn sauce behind my steak. You’re gonna’ want some peppercorn sauce.