Steak Selection at Churchills Steakhouse

Churchill’s Steakhouse Review

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Churchill’s Steakhouse
Located in downtown Spokane — 165 S. Post St., Spokane, WA 99201
Reservations accepted: (509) 474-9888

Price: $$$$$
Food Quality: 
Date Night: 
Family Night: ★★☆☆☆ 
Casual Cocktails: ★★★★★
Business Cocktails: ★★★★★
Business Dinner: ★★★★★ 
Coco Chanel: ★★★★★
Hipster Commune: 
Pair A Nice Red With That: 
Perfect Tawny Finish:

Churchills Steakhouse Spokane
The General Manager at Churchill’s is there to greet you at the door most every night.

Positives: What’s the best restaurant in Spokane? A debated question, indeed, but if you’re goal is to impress someone and price is no object, Churchill’s is your joint.

Within the national pantheon of steakhouses — like CUT in Beverly Hills, or El Guacho in Seattle, or Peter Luger in New York City, or [name that nationally recognized steakhouse] — it’s Churchill’s from Spokane that represents the metro.

Compete Churchill’s can, and quietly at that, with a 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit grill, a wine selection that makes Napa Valley blush, and cuts of meat more tender than a puppy dog — the hipster joints may get the press from national news outlets here in Spokane but they have yet to hold a candle to Churchill’s Steakhouse.

No I don’t want the mashed cauliflower with a sprig of rosemary paired with tortilla soup and some foreign cucumber infused cocktail; I want a perfectly aged, perfectly cut, perfectly cooked steak with perfectly charred crust paired with a perfect peppercorn sauce, baked potato, and perhaps some brussels, broccoli, or a Caesar salad. And if you have an aged Tawney to wash all that salt and spice out of my mouth after I’m done eating, then all is right in Christendom.

If you’re looking for salvation, Churchill’s is like John the Baptist for Spokane’s food scene. Hell, they even have church in the name.

The hipster chefs of Spokane are smart and creative but there’s a reason why I spend $300 a meal (with drinks) every time I visit Churchill’s, as opposed to about $75 a meal (with drinks) at the hipster joints. And that reason is quality. Churchill’s pays a premium for quality and their customers pay a premium to enjoy it. Mash your cauliflower all you like, serve me all the tater-tots you like, but nothing beats an aged, premium cut of beef cooked to perfection.

Now that we’ve covered the question of whether or not Churchill’s is the best restaurant in Spokane, let’s return to the perspective that it competes on a national scale. Here’s a list of items that Spokane boasts that will compete head to head with all others nationally, as follows:

  • Waterfalls downtown;
  • Hipster food scene;
  • Gonzaga University basketball;
  • Locally made tartar sauce;
  • Micro breweries per capita; and
  • Churchill’s Steakhouse.

You’re welcome, America.

8 oz Filet Churchills Steakhouse
Say hello to the 8’oz filet at Churchill’s Steakhouse. Cooked to perfection, of course.

Negatives: If you bring your family, anticipate spending about $500.

Oysters on the Half Shell Churhills Steakhouse
The oysters on the half are artistic, to say the least, at Churchill’s Steakhouse.

Recommendation: If you were to bring Julia Child to one restaurant in Spokane, it would be Churchill’s.

Chrurchills Ceasar Salad Spokane
The house Caesar at Churchill’s. Note the anchovy filet on the left. Two things to mention on behalf of good Caesar salads: 1) they come with anchovies; 2) if you find one with fresh anchovies, you just found a restaurant with exquisite attention to detail, and that bad-boy on the left ain’t from no can.