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Max at Mirabeau Restaurant Review

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Max at Mirabeau
1100 N Sullivan Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99037
(509) 922-6252

Price: $$$$$
Food Quality: 
Date Night: 
Family Night: ★★★★★ 
Casual Cocktails: ★★★★☆
Business Cocktails: ★★★★☆
Business Dinner: ★★☆☆☆
Coco Chanel: ★★☆☆☆
Hipster Commune: 
Pair A Nice Red With That: 
Perfect Tawny Finish: 

Max at Mirbeau Restaurant Spokane (3)
Mirabeau’s Bloody Mary bar is a site to behold.

Positives: Mirabeau is one of Spokane’s top breakfast destinations. With the best Bloody Mary bar in the metro and a vast array of menu choices all around $12 dollars, you won’t be disappointed starting your day at the Mirabeau.

Its sweeping seating area lends itself well toward large gatherings. A part of the the Mirabeau Convention Center and Hotel, the entire facility serves as Spokane Valley’s anchor convention and events center.

Mirabeau is a suitable venue to entertain the business traveler and business cocktails. The dinner menu is predictable with sirloins and chicken entrees all around $20 per dish.

Max at Mirbeau Restaurant Spokane (5)
Steak and Eggs at the Mirabeau looks and tastes exactly how you think it will.

Negatives: Mirabeau feels dated. Perhaps it was hipster back in the 1990s but it hasn’t changed much since. With classic rock blaring on the sound system, there is no doubt locals over the age of 50 love the place.

Max at Mirbeau Restaurant Spokane (2)
It’s a wise move to get a Bloody Mary from the Mirabeau on a Sunday morning.

Recommendation: Mirabeau won’t lend itself well toward a date night or business dinner, but during the breakfast hours it is one of the best joints in the metro.