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Park Lodge Restaurant Review

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Park Lodge Restaurant
Located in the West Central / Kendall Yards Neighborhood. 411 N Nettleton St, Spokane, WA 99201
Reservations accepted: (509) 340-9347

Price: $$$$$
Food Quality:
Date Night:
Family Night: ★★☆☆☆
Casual Cocktails: ★★★★★
Business Cocktails: ★★★★★
Business Dinner: ★★★★★
Coco Chanel: ★★★★★
Hipster Commune:
Pair A Nice Red With That:
Perfect Tawny Finish: 

Open Fire Cooking at the Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
See that? That’s my steak cooking in the back.

Positives: Park Lodge Restaurant nails it at multiple levels. Being a new destination in the market, if you haven’t eaten their yet, it’s time to call and make a reservation. Entrees hover around $35 and the food quality is spectacular. The open fire grill was a genius decision that sets the Park Lodge apart from Spokane’s competitive fine dining scene.

The Park Lodge Restaurant is the perfect place to host a business dinner or a bring a date.

Apple Celery Soup Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
Meet the Apple Celery Soup that the Park Lodge pours fresh when you’re ready.

Negatives: The wine selection is good but pricey.

Muscovy Duck Breast Park Lodge Restaurant Spokane
That’s the Muscovy Duck Breast. Pair something nice with it.

Recommendation: Host a business dinner or bring a date to the Park Lodge Restaurant. The food rests on the staples yet is creatively prepared.