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12 Reasons to Relocate to Spokane

1) Our Downtown is Dope

Downtown Spokane Sunset
Downtown Spokane at sunset.

Spokane’s downtown is amongst the healthiest in the nation. It’s not a neglected urban environment of surface parking lots surrounded by tattoo parlors and check cashing services. Nah, we’re better than that, and it’s why many new-comers decided to relocate to Spokane. Downtown has the big companies you want like Apple and Nordstrom but also plenty of mom-and-pops thriving in an active, walkable, mixed-use, and dynamic urban environment.

2) This House Cost $300,000

Relocate to Spokane
Houses like this are still quite affordable in Spokane. My dog, Lilly, says ‘hi’ from that open window.

Yep, $300,000. Three beds, two baths — how much is a home like this in your market? Although much depends on neighborhood and structural quality, here’s a few comparables for a similar single family home in other major markets (just in case you’re wondering).

  • Spokane: $280,000
  • Vancouver: $1,598,000
  • Seattle: $939,500
  • Portland: $650,000
  • Bay Area: $1,100,000

3) Primo Commercial Space is Only Around $23 per Square Foot

Downtown Spokane (5)
Spokane office space is still affordable.

Yep, $23/sq ft. Here’s a few comparables from other major markets (just in case you’re wondering).

  • Spokane: 23/sq ft
  • Vancouver: $60/sq ft
  • Seattle: $65/sq ft
  • Portland: $50/sq ft
  • Bay Area: $70/sq ft

4) Trails Aplenty

Reasons to Relocate to Spokane
Ooooo… strap on the Brookes because it’s time for a run.

This is Centennial Trail through downtown Spokane — some of the best running, biking, and strolling around. And it’s not alone, paved trails weave into the fabric of the city.

5) We Have Five Ski Resorts Within 1.5-Hours of Downtown

Spokane Ski Resorts
Ski season in Spokane is about Thanksgiving to late March. These are the five ski areas that serve the market.

It’s easy to get from Spokane to one of the local hills. Although winter in the metro is relatively mild, it’s almost always snowing in the mountains. Best powder around.

6) We Have Dozens of Lakes Within 1-Hour of Downtown, Hundreds Within 2-Hours

Coeur d'Alene Tubb's Hill
The waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene — located 30 minutes from downtown Spokane — are as refreshing as they look.

We have a lot of lakes. Boating, fishing, jet skis, frolicking on a hot day; lake cabins, lake homes, Lake Street Dive; whatever you want, we’ve got it, and it’s all within easy striking distance.

7) That’s a Big Waterfall

Spokane Falls
Spokane has big waterfalls right in the middle of downtown. This is the largest amongst them.

How many cities have waterfalls downtown? Not that many. In fact, there’s only one urban waterfall in the nation larger than Spokane’s. It’s Niagara, so we’re in pretty good company (as far as waterfalls go).

8) Five Universities, Two Med Schools, and About 15,000 Students All Huddled Together in the Same Neighborhood

University District, Spokane
Spokane’s University District is located adjacent to downtown.

There’s a lot of creative energy within the University District; Gonzaga, Washington State, Eastern Washington, Whitworth, and University of Washington are the five universities that cluster within it.

9) There’s 28 Microbreweries in Metro Spokane

Born and Raised IPA
Born & Raised is a great local IPA. (Image from Beerpulse.com)

We really love good beer, and we have a ton to choose from. Here’s a map to Spokane’s Ale Trail. And here’s BeerTownUSA’s review of Spokane.

10) There’s 26 Wine-Tasting-Rooms and Wineries in Metro Spokane (and hundreds within the region)

Basel Winery, Walla Wall - July, 2016
Just one of the many vineyards within easy striking distance of Spokane.

Here’s a few Washington State wine facts to slurp down: (courtesy of the Washington State Wine Commission): we’re only second to California in wine harvesting and production in the nation. We average one extra hour of sweet, sweet summer sunlight more than California. There are over 900 wineries in the state (most of them near Spokane), and we grow over 40 grape varietals. Curious about Spokane area wines? No worries, our Cork District will take care of you.

11) We Have Plenty of Hipster and Family Friendly Neighborhoods to Choose From

Manito Boulevard Spokane - 2016
This is Manito Boulevard on the South Hill; it’s just another totally affordable beautiful neighborhood within a five minute commute of downtown Spokane.

Spokane has a lot of cool neighborhoods. Here’s the best neighborhoods in Spokane ranked-ordered with maps and pictures.

12) Our Quality of Life is Off the Hook

Rush hour is just that – only an hour. It’s also easy to walk, bike, or bus to work (or wherever you need to go). Our food is spectacular (and the LA Times agrees). Our arts, music, and theatre scene is solid. Our schools are safe, and we have all the big city amenities that one desires. Not to mention, Spokane’s quality of life also includes the first 11 reasons on this list.

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