Manito Boulevard Spokane - 2016

You Should Telecommute from Spokane

Now that we’re all accustomed to working from home, here’s a taste of what it’s like working remotely from Spokane.

This Trail Head is About 200 Feet Out My Front Door

Trails in Indian Trail
Phew, I’m tired of these Zoom meetings. It’s time to walk the dog, ride the bike, or run down this sweet single-track trail that offers fabulous vistas and recreational bliss to keep me professionally productive and healthy. Bluffs like this with vistas like this that have trails like this are all over Spokane.

Telecommute from Your Lakeside Property

Liberty Lake in Metro Spokane
Spokane has dozens of lakes within its urbanized area. You get the best of both worlds — lakeside living without the travel time to daily needs (like dinner at a fabulous restaurant).

Telecommute from Hotel Rooftops

The Rooftop of the Davenport Grande
The decks of downtown Spokane’s Davenport hotels are the places to see and be seen. Fashionable talent abounds. They’re a great place to work remotely. They’re also a great place to catch a buzz.

Historic Davenport Rooftop
This is the rooftop of the Historic Davenport Hotel. The image above is the Davenport Grande. Apparently, the owner is a fan of big red umbrellas.

Choose a Nice Warm Bar in the Cold Winter Months

I'll take a double
Ever write code while drinking cocktails? The creativity really flows in the beginning but you better proof read it in the morning. Check out more Spokane restaurants for great places to work remotely.

Prefer to Work Remotely Outside?

Riverfront Park Spokane
Prefer to focus outdoors in a park? Allow me to entice you with Spokane’s offerings. This here is a slice of Riverfront Park located downtown.

Manito Park Duncan Gardens Spokane
This is a slice of Manito Park. Sure looks nice telecommuting from an English flower garden.

Japanes Gardens, Manito Park, Spokane
Or how about focusing in our serene Japanese garden?

Rose Hill, Manito Park
This is Spokane’s rose garden. What do you think, princess, does this look like a good place to get married or work remotely? I’d say the venue can accommodate both.

Finch Arboretum
Ooooo… a glen. Have you ever seen a glen? What is a glen? Doesn’t matter. Spokane has one and its a great place to telecommute.

Spokane Falls and the Monroe Street Bridge
Ah, the wonderful white noise of a waterfall in the background. This image speaks for itself.

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