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Mayor Condon

Here’s How To Recall Mayor Condon (just in case you’re wondering)

Mayor Condon’s shenanigans of late appear to merit exploration of a recall campaign. Here’s the process to get it done (just in case you’re wondering). In the City of Spokane, there are two possible processes to recall the mayor. The first is driven by the Ethics Commission and is far simpler than the second, which is driven by citizen petition. Here’s a simplified outline for both: Ethics Commission City’s Ethics Commission recommends a recall election to City Council based on the City’s Code of Ethics. City Council must approve the recommendation with a majority plus two vote (assuming all seven Council members […]

Mayor Condon

Mayor Condon’s Biggest Blunders

Four years ago Mayor David Condon swept into city hall aiming to instill a degree of business savvy and trim some fat from local government. The youngest of a large family of boys was now in a position to prove his quality, if not for himself certainly for his father and older brothers. Mayor Condon was born connected to Spokane’s old money culture, and he was appropriately groomed via Cataldo and Gonzaga Prep. His family’s mansion on Sumner Avenue was amongst the largest on the street, and conveniently located next door to some of Spokane’s oldest money, otherwise known as […]

Spokane City Hall

The Loneliest Floor in City Hall

The seventh floor of City Hall is an increasingly lonely place. How did Mayor Condon get into this mess? He’s neck-deep in scandal with his head corked-back just trying keep his nose above water. Like an episode of Lost, the more you watch the more questions you have. Without a doubt, Condon is in trouble. The best sideways compliment you can say at this point is: “at least he was smart enough to cover it up until after the election.” Because of that, he’s still got a puncher’s chance. The question is, at the risk of mixing cultural metaphors, are […]

The Davenport Grand Hotel

How to Negotiate a Downtown Hotel Deal

Lessons Learned from the Worthy Transaction — Mayor Condon is in a pickle. Like baseball, there are numerous unwritten rules to the economic development game that only experience within the realm can help one follow. Don’t ask me how many there are because no one really has an answer. Over time, as one moves from rookie to journeyman and, eventually, to veteran; all of these unspoken rules become ingrained in your psyche, a sixth-sense that separates the veterans from the rookies. A healthy handful of unspoken rules Mayor Condon just learned the hard way. There’s been a lot of press […]

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